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Sansone Bible Ministries

... He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully... - Jeremiah 23:28

Letter of Recommendation

Dear Brother in Christ,  

   I wish to recommend my friend, Frank Sansone, to you.  It has been my privilege to know and work with Frank.  We had the opportunity to serve together on the pastoral staff of a fine fundamental church in Southern New Jersey.  As the National Representative of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, I have also had the joy to work with him as a member and, at times, an officer of the fellowship.  He is a man of conviction, compassion, and commitment, and desires to honor Christ in both his life and ministry.

     Saved in high school, Frank began teaching and preaching as a teenager.  He traveled on the Minutemen Evangelistic Team with Evangelist Mark Kittrell and later assisted in some Greenville, SC, area “Wars”.  His main focus here was to help develop a follow-up program known as The War Zone.  During this time, he also participated with a team in evangelistic youth rallies in the southeastern states.  It is evident that Frank has always had a heart for evangelism and discipleship.

     From 1995 through 1999, he was Youth Pastor at Heritage Baptist Church, Mount Laurel, NJ, where he also taught in their Christian Academy.  In 1999 he became an Assistant to the Pastor, Dr. Mark Franklin, at the Hardingville Bible Church until he became pastor of a church in Salisbury, MD.  He speaks in youth rallies, school chapels, special services, week-end retreats, adult banquets, and for teen weeks at summer camps.  Frank continues to have an interest in teens and a passion for them to know, honor, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

     Frank is a graduate of Bob Jones University, and a diligent student of the Word.  He is always well prepared and is a clear communicator.  He has a tender heart, lives his message, and exhibits a humble spirit.  He respects the pastor, appreciates the local church, and is true to the Biblical text.  God will use him to encourage the pastor, and to bless the people. 

     Our brother is married to a lovely lady and they have three children.  His wife, Missy, is a registered nurse, and has a warm heart for ministry.  She faithfully supports her husband.  Here is family that seeks to honor Christ.

      Prayerfully consider the value of his unique ministry and if God would use him, at this time, in your church, school, or camp.  May the Lord continue to bless and use you for His glory!

                                                                                                      In His amazing grace,

                                                                                                      Terry R. Smith, D. Min.