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... He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully... - Jeremiah 23:28

Dr. Mark Franklin

Dr. Mark Franklin was Pastor of Hardingville Bible Church in Monroeville, NJ for over 20 years

He also served many years as the President of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches and was a member of the Executive Committee of the American Council of Christian Churches. He was a dear friend and mentor and was awarded an honorary doctorate from Bob Jones University in 2012.  This recommendation was written in September 2013 shortly before his death.

Frank served as an Assistant pastor here at Hardingville Bible Church from 1999-2004 with an emphasis on youth ministry.  I have always been impressed with his heart and passion for young people.  He and Missy have a true servant’s heart and God has used them in special ways.   Frank is a good preacher and gets his point across with clarity and power.  I have been blessed the many times that I have heard him preach.  The Spirit of God and perhaps some Mountain Dew has given him endless energy to minister.

                                                                                            – Dr. Mark Franklin, Hardingville Bible Church

Pastor Ron Whitehead

Pastor of Bethel Bible Baptist Church, Carneys Point, New Jersey

President of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches

I have appreciated Frank’s commitment to the Scriptures, his keen insight, and his passion for the church. I would heartily recommend Frank and his family to you. You will be blessed by his preaching and his humble spirit.
                                                                                            - Pastor Ron Whitehead, Bethel Bible Baptist Church

Dr. Terry Smith

Dr. Terry Smith is the National Representative of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches and as Assistant Pastor at Hardingville Bible Church.  Dr. Smith has been in ministry for over 50 years and has faithfully pastored a number of churches.

Frank is a diligent student of the Word.  He is always well prepared and is a clear communicator.  He has a tender heart, lives his message, and exhibits a humble spirit.  He respects the pastor, appreciates the local church, and is true to the Biblical text.  God will use him to encourage the pastor, and to bless the people. 

Our brother is married to a lovely lady and they have three children.  His wife, Missy, is a registered nurse, and has a warm heart for ministry.  She faithfully supports her husband.  Here is family that seeks to honor Christ.

Prayerfully consider the value of his unique ministry and if God would use him, at this time, in your church, school, or camp.  May the Lord continue to bless and use you for His glory!

                                                                                              - Terry R. Smith, D. Min.      

                                                                                              - National Representative, FFBC

                                                                                              (Dr. Smith's full letter of recommendation is here.)